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All companies a CRM. Why not go digital!

All companies a CRM. Why not go digital!
Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Usually, SMEs use basic systems to proceed with their operations because they might not know the digital solutions needed to manage their business or economically they lack the resources to invest in big solutions such as CRMs.

In this blog, we want to introduce you with a very cost-efficient option that will fit your company needs whatever was the size to keep in control over your customers, manage contacts and even manage the billing and recurrences of your services.

What is Sales Root?

We totally understand companies’ decision makers’ pain, that’s why Fikra Business Development created the smartest solution to handle the obstacles that all salesmen and marketers face every day!

Sales Root, is a mix of companies and individuals’ data, lead management tool for sales, and tenders all in one portal.

Sales Root gives Salesmen access to a powerful network of contacts and ability to connect directly with the right decision makers; to help them find and create relationships with potential and real customers.

It is a solution with a real database, tender resource and an integrated CRM system. Through this solution you can manage leads to Sales Root directly. In other words, it leads you to close deals.

CRM Features

We plan, design, build and support!

  • Advanced lead and company/individual search

Find your lead in seconds!

No matter what your purpose is, finding the right people on Sales Root is very simple. Select from dozens of search filters to narrow down your search. Through the solution you can find accurate business and personal emails, direct phone numbers and social media links. 

  • Built-in Dynamic and Perpetual Reporting Tool

Providing information analysis for the market in all its sectors!

Graphical and live dashboard complete visibility on sales activity and company performance, sales target, sales pipeline, market share analysis and much more.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system 

           Organize sales, financial and accounting operations and customer-related projects!

With the help of Sales Root’s integrated solution you will witness a notable rise in Sales, Lead Generation, and increase in Productivity and Profitability and Company Revenue.

  • Tenders and Bids

Don’t miss any opportunity and receive notifications for all new tenders!

We offer you a database containing all bids, tenders and purchase opportunities offered in the market in all fields and sectors on a daily basis. Apply or Download Tenders to get general info about them.

Why Sales Root?

  • A huge community that encompasses Data, CRM, Tenders connecting companies together.  
  • Smart/advanced search: very detailed search and specific filters to bring you the exact results the user is looking for. 
  • Every user gets a free Kartak (Digital business card). Check website:
  • 3 in 1 service - one place to search, contact and acquire leads!
  • Multi payment options and flexible packages 

If you want to enhance your business flow and forget about Excel forever, contact a Sales sales representative now:


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