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Scale Up your Business with a Mobile Application

Scale Up your Business with a Mobile Application
Thursday, December 10, 2020

When you assign designers to develop your website, they do it from behind their laptops or computer. When you scroll down to see what they produced you might be amazed by the final result and feel happy with the overall look. So you pay them their fee and leave.

If this ever happened to you then you have forgot a very essential part about your website design: which is the mobile version.

Mobile is taking the lead!

Mobile has become the dominant digital touchpoint, so businesses and professionals must elevate their mobile experiences to win, serve and retain their loyal customers. Forrester 2019

The core of effective e-commerce businesses is knowing exactly what customers want. In today's digital world, a perfect and sleek app is the key to win the client’s heart and mind too!

Looking for the best business mobile apps for your business? Want to know how to scale up your business? If the answer is YES, then you should check Fikra’s website one of the leading IT companies in Jordan and the region:

How mobile apps can scale up your business!

Mobile app development can combine cutting-edge technologies and innovations that lead you to grow your business or even kick off a small scale business.

For example an e-commerce app can exponentially grow the ROI of your online business. In addition, there are now apps for everything; so why should an online marketplace fall behind? If you want your business to scale, boost your hi-tech apps tools.

Apps Even Beat Mobile Sites

You may think that mobile sites are just as good to scale up any business. But this is not the case. Mobile apps even beat responsive sites for any business, because users tend to use mobile more than desktop. Mobile app usage is the preferred medium for mobile browsing.

Here’s why you should have a mobile app!

These days, mobiles are the most essential touchpoint for retailers to obtain, support, and keep clients. Modern mobile phones allow users to get access to the Internet nearly everywhere and anytime, this way, they can do shopping when they’d like. For many clients, mobile phones are the first screen for the Internet.

When talking about online shopping, users spend 85% of their time on smartphones using different mobile applications and 5% of the time subjected to online shopping. Consumers who use ecommerce apps daily should be the main motivation for you to create an ecommerce app.

·24/7 Access:

Users can use your app round-the-clock, They can also buy products or services at any time. Your business will take advantage from round-the-clock access.


A mobile phone is a never ending source of entertainment, customer interaction, and social activity. In addition, apps offer a new marketing method for promotion and sales.


People use mobiles every day and can easily see the icons on their screen every day. The existence of a nicely-designed icon can clearly increase sales.


An app is valuable for customers in many ways whether the app has the best loyalty program or around the clock support.


An app is able to boost sales. Offering the user the ability to order a service or buy items online will bring you more customers.

Your Mobile success is Our Responsibility

These days, creating a mobile app is clearly an important step for sales companies.

Owning an e-Commerce website for instance is required when the project goes live. It tells how the business works and provides information about the market. But having a website is not enough for further development and reaching a huge audience. This is the main reason for online retailers to create well-designed mobile e-Commerce apps. Apps help attract more buyers, boost revenues and obtain a great market share.

Fikra Business Development’s team of experts has the capacity to create Mobile Apps that will scale up your business and help it gain more sales and grab the attention of your users. We are willing to provide you with the following services:

  • Business needs and requirements analysis
  • The design of the mobile application
  • Interface usability improvement
  • Cross-platform development
  • Legacy solutions optimization
  • Mobile testing

We offer a great opportunity for a successful execution of your business strategies. The is the best way to reach us if you want to find more about our mobile experience and get all your questions answered.

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