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Learning Managment System

Learning Management System Move your classroom online!

Fikra’s Platform for Learning Management System provides you with all that you need to manage the whole educational process in one place. The platform combines managing the educational processes and the administrative department of your educational institution. From the students’ registration process to the institution’s management, all tools can be accessed via Cloud storage without the need for special equipment or tools.

Fikra LMS Advantages:

  • A profile for student, teacher, parent, and supervisor
  • Dynamic Exam System, Question Bank
  • Evaluation system
  • Weekly study planning system
  • Homework papers and system
  • Interactive classroom activities system
  • An emailing system and classroom announcements for teachers, students, and parents.
  • A display of the school fees for parents and the possibility of online payment methods
  • Smartphone Applications (Android & IOS)

E-Learning School System:

  • School management system
  • Teacher system
  • Student system
  • Smartphone App
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